A clever eBay scammer exposed

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A clever eBay scammer exposed

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Fri Jan 24, 2020 2:01 pm

I recently sold an eBay item. As soon as it sold, I received a private message in eBay from a user claiming they just purchased my item and wanted to update the shipping address. I immediately knew the eBay account that contacted me was a scam because of that request, but what I did not realize right away is that they DID NOT make the actual purchase of the item.

What Happened:

After investigating, I realized a reputable eBay buyer purchased my item. I got all the updates via eBay email messages and I never bothered to actually look at the eBay buyer account name. Soon after, I received an unsolicited private message from another eBay account claiming they just purchased my item and wanted to update the shipping address (this eBay user was watching my item and was notified once it sold). All along, I was tricked into believing that unsolicited eBay account (that messaged me) made my purchase. It didn't matter at that point though, I called eBay and said I wanted to cancel the entire transaction (still not knowing a reputable eBay account bought my item).

I explained to eBay I did not want to go through with the sale because of the address change and the sketchy eBay account. However, eBay failed to realize and explain to me that the private message I received was from another account. But that didn't matter either, they said they would cancel the transaction and that it would not be problem, without me having to explain much really. I was adamant on canceling the sale and I didn't bother to explain in great detail to them - I wanted to re-list my item ASAP.

Finally, after eBay cancelled the order, I received a private message from the eBay buyer that actually purchased my item. They asked why I cancelled the order. At that point, all the stars aligned and I realized what happened....

For anyone else, the user's eBay scam info has been exposed below. He's known online to do this. Such a bitch. :oops:

Toma Khabeishvili
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