Nanny 911 Filming Locations

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Nanny 911 Filming Locations

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Sat Jan 22, 2022 2:41 pm

For anyone wanting to know the filming locations for the Nanny 911 families, here is a list of all filming locations taken from the episodes. If the city or town was not announced during the show, we found elements of the town or city throughout the show. If you know any specific towns or can help confirm below, please post a reply.

About Nanny 911
Original release: November 3, 2004 –June 6, 2009
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 54

E01: The Rock Family: 3 Nov. 2004
Filming Town: Southern California

E02: The McCray Family: 10 Nov. 2004
Filming Town: New York

E03: The Paul Family: 17 Nov. 2004
Filming Town: Missouri

E04: The Priore Family: 1 Dec. 2004
Filming Town: Long Island, New York

E05: The Lorimor Family: 15 Dec. 2004
Filming Town: North Carolina

E06: The Johnston Family: 22 Dec. 2004
Filming Town: Long Island, New York

E07: The Paul Family: 05 Jan. 2005
Filming Town: Missouri

E08: The Sterneman Family: 12 Jan. 2005
Filming Town: Los Angeles, California

E09: The Finck Family: 14 Mar. 2005
Filming Town: Brookfield, Connecticut

E10: The Cubbison Family: 21 Mar. 2005
Filming Town: Southern California

E11: The Dunleavy Family: 28 Mar. 2005
Filming Town: Long Island, New York

E12: The Amico Family: 4 Apr. 2005
Filming Town: Up State, New York

E13: The McKelvain Family: 11 Apr. 2005
Filming Town: Orlando, Florida

E14: The King Family: 18 Apr. 2005
Filming Town: Goshen, New York

E15: The Lawrence Family: 2 May. 2005
Filming Town: Atlanta, Georgia

E16: The Silcock Family: 9 April. 2005
Filming Town: Huntington Beach, California

E17: The Dickson Family: 17 May. 2005
Filming Town: San Diego, California

E01: The Tieso Family: 5 Sep. 2005
Filming Town: Boston, Massachusetts

E02: The Abner Family: 28 Sep. 2005
Filming Town: Carlisle, Ohio

E03: The Race Family: 5 Oct. 2005
Filming Town: ?

E04: The Maucione Family: 5 Dec. 2005
Filming Town: Pearl River, New York

E05: The Nannis Family: 12 Dec. 2005
Filming Town: Jackson's Township, Indiana

E06: The Spaulding Family: 19 Dec. 2005
Filming Town: Newburgh, Indiana

E07: The Moore Family: 04 Jan. 2006
Filming Town: ? (somewhere warm / California?)

E08: The Graham Family: 11 Jan. 2006
Filming Town: Lemont, Illinois (Chicago)

E09: The Delaney Family: 10 Mar. 2006
Filming Town: New York

E10: The George Family: 17 Mar. 2006 (This Episode appears to feature first Bi-Racial Colored Parents)
Filming Town: Quincy, Massachusetts

E11: The Longairic-Green Family: 24 Mar. 2006
Filming Town: Detroit, Michigan

E01: The Morris Family: 8 Sep. 2006
Filming Town: Atlanta, Georgia

E02: The Scharnitzky Family: 15 Sep. 2006
Filming Town: San Diego, California

E03: The Arilotta Family: 22 Sep. 2006
Filming Town: Rochester, New York

E04: The Giannetto Family: 6 Oct. 2006
Filming Town: New York

E05: The Elgin Family: 6 Oct. 2006
Filming Town: Tacoma, Washington

E06: The McCafferty Family: 5 Jan. 2007
Filming Town: New York

E07: The Landsberger Family: 12 Jan. 2007
Filming Town: St, Joesph, Minnesota

E08: The Walker Family: 19 Jan. 2007
Filming Town: Albertville, Minnesota

E09: The McDowell Family: 26 Jan. 2007
Filming Town: New City, New York

E10: The Dirks Family: 2 Feb. 2007
Filming Town: Glendale, Arizona

E11: The Brogdon Family: 9 Feb. 2007
Filming Town: Gastonia, North Carolina

E12: The Mills Family: 16 Feb. 2007
Filming Town: Orlando, Florida

E13: The Kramer Family: 23 Feb. 2007
Filming Town: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

E01: The Mazzei Family: 18 Apr. 2009
Filming Town: New York

E02: The Balsamo Family: 25 Apr. 2009
Filming Town: Staten Island, New York

E03: The Connolly Family: 02 May. 2009
Filming Town: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ??

E04: The O'Melia Family: 09 May. 2009
Filming Town: New York

E05: The Valenti Family: 16 May. 2009
Filming Town: New York

E06: The Whipple Family: 23 May. 2009
Filming Town: New York

E07: The Mauro Family: 30 May. 2009
Filming Town: Wappingers Falls, New York

E08: The Henry Family: 06 Jun. 2009
Filming Town: New York
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