Tesla Allowing Free Modifications on overdue orders - Edit Button URL

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Tesla Allowing Free Modifications on overdue orders - Edit Button URL

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Mon Mar 21, 2022 5:36 pm

Have you been waiting for your Tesla delivery order since placing it on August 1 2021? US Customers are now allowed to update their configuration, including adding Full Self-Driving Capability, with no impact to their original base price. This is obviously an awesome perk for those that have been waiting for over a year for their delivery.

If you do not see the "Edit Design" button in your Account order, you can use the following link below to make edits to your existing order. Replace the
RN000000000 at the end of the URL with your Reservation Number. Your reservation number can be found in your account orders screen (link) :


If you do not see the Edit Design button, you will likely see a black screen with text:

If you would like to make a change it may affect your delivery date and may be subject to a fee.

If you ordered your Tesala before August 1 2021, you will need to wait for Tesla to approve those orders and free edits. This is apparently in the works right now. Read more here.
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