Visa® Prepaid Giftcard $200 Astound Broadband (RCN)

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Visa® Prepaid Giftcard $200 Astound Broadband (RCN)

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Mon Sep 26, 2022 12:42 am

Astound Broadband Rcn Prepaid 200 Visa Gift Card
Astound Broadband Rcn Prepaid 200 Visa Gift Card (658.94 KiB) Viewed 10993 times

About Your Visa® Prepaid Card

Thank you for being a loyal Astound Broadband customer. We appreciate your business. We hope you enjoy your Visa prepaid card! YOU CAN USE YOUR CARD everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted (except as pumps, AlMs, cash access and for recurning payments). SHOP NOW AND GET 5% BACK on purchases made at participating merchants.

Visit for a complete listing. See reverse and website for additional information.

SEE REVERSE for important card usage information, including fees associated with this card and how to avoid declines. Restrictions apply.

RETURNS / EXCHANGES / VOIDS: Allow up to 10 days for merchant credits or voids to be applied. Hotel and car rental can take up to 30 days

Visit for Card balance, transactions, frequently asked questions, and more.
PIN You may visit to select a PIN. This Card, however, does not have ATM or cash access. If you do create and use a PIN, swipe the
Card as debit. not credit
ENHANCE SECURITY Visit to opt in to receive available balance and transaction alerts any time there is activity with the Card. Standard
text message and data rates, fees, and charges may apply.
REGISTER FOR ONLINE PURCHASES If your name is not on the Card, visit to register before using it online.
COMMON DECLINE REASONS Card was swiped for more than the Card balance (it should only be swiped for the available balance or less), Card was not
activated, the incorrect PIN was used for point of sale transactions (process without a PIN as credit) or Card was used for recurring payments or for bill pay.
GAS STATIONS The Card will decline if used at the pump. You must go inside the station to use the Card.
GRATUITY Some merchants (restaurants, hotels, spas, cruise lines, etc.) may seek an authorization above the purchase amount to cover gratuity, incidentals or
other expenses. If your Card balance is less than the authorization amount, see USING MULTIPLE FORMS OF PAYMENT below. You may need to swipe the
Card for up to 20% less than the balance to cover gratuity
HOTELS/CAR RENTALS Only use the Card to pay the bill when you check out of the hotel or return the rental car. Do not use the Card to make reservations or
at check-in/car pick-up. Doing so will hold those funds and may cause the Card to decline for other purchases for up to 30 days
USING MULTIPLE FORMS ÖF PAYMENT Use this Card last so the amount swiped is the same or less than the Card balance.
INTERNATIONAL USE This Card can be used without EMV Technology (chip and PIN) by asking the merchant to swipe the Card as Credit. If the merchant refuses,
report the problem at View prohibited country listing at before using the Card outside of
the U.S. and Canada.
5% BACK Cardholders receive a bonus back on the Card in the amount of 5% of all signature-based purchases made at participating merchants, as listed at PIN purchases do not qualify.
See website for details. Restrictions apply.
RECURRING PAYMENTS The Card cannot be used for recurring charges, such as magazine subscriptions, monthly memberships or bill pay.
CALLING ON BEHALF OF THE CARDHOLDER Call Customer Service to authorize a third party to receive information on your behalf.
PROBLEMS AT THE POINT OF SALE Call the number on the Card back and Customer Service can assist the merchant.
RECORD THE NUMBERS Record the Card number and the toll-free number on the back of the Card. See LOST OR STOLEN CARD below.
LOST OR STOLEN CARD If the Card is lost or stolen, call Customer Service immediately and provide the Card number. If you call before the expiration date,
you will de sena new
Card with the remaining balance at the time of your call. Fees may apply, see below for information
PROGRAM-RELATED QUESTIONS For funding and program-related questions, please contact your program administrator.
CARDHOLDER AGREEMENT Please read and retain the Cardholder Agreement that begins below and continues on the enclosed materials.
Fees Associated With This Card
CARD EXPIRATION The Card expires after midnight EST on the last day of the month of the valid thru date on the front of the Card. Once the valid thru date has
passed, the Card will be void and will not be replaced. The Card will no longer be accepted at participating merchants and any value remaining after the valid thru
date will no longer be available for use.
International Transaction Fee
Replacement Card Fee
Expedited Delivery Fee
Card is issued by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Participating 5% Back Merchants do change; visit website for current
listing. For patent information, visit
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