Downloading Now: 2023 Holiday Software Update (Tesla Email)

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Downloading Now: 2023 Holiday Software Update (Tesla Email)

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Thu Dec 21, 2023 7:26 am

More Customization, More Safety, More Fun

Your Tesla just got even more fun.

Change your vehicle locking sound to a bleating goat or a round of applause. Play Castle Doombad and other updated games on the touchscreen. Try out our new Light Show, The Arrival. Drive safer with new parking assist visualizations, improved blind spot indicators and automatic 911 calls in emergencies.

Every year during the holiday season, we release a vehicle software update containing new features and updates to existing features. This over-the-air update will be available to install like other software updates throughout the year.

The 2023 holiday software update is included in software version 2023.44.30. To download the latest software update, connect your vehicle to Wi-Fi and tap the yellow download icon on your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Note: Feature and update availability may vary based on hardware configuration and location. You can view the full feature list in the Manual app on your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Entertainment Updates
Custom Lock Sounds

Replace the horn sound your vehicle makes when locking with another sound, like a screaming goat.

Tesla vehicle touchscreen
Rear Touchscreen Gaming

Use the rear touchscreen to play games like Vampire Survivors or Beach Buggy Racing.

Rear Touchscreen Bluetooth Headsets

Use wireless Bluetooth headphones to watch shows or play games on the rear touchscreen.

Apple Podcasts

Listen to millions of the world’s most popular podcasts.

Note: To use this feature, you must have an Apple ID. Apple Podcasts Subscription content is not currently supported.

Updated Light Show

Enjoy a new Light Show called 'The Arrival.'

Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad is now available in the Tesla Arcade—plus updates to Beach Buggy Racing, Polytopia and Vampire Survivors.

Rear seats touchscreen with display of game options
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Feature Updates
High Fidelity Park Assist

See a 3D reconstruction of your surroundings on the touchscreen while parking.

Tesla App Trip Planner

Use the Tesla app to plan a multi-stop trip and send the details to your vehicle.

Note: To access this feature in the Tesla app, make sure you have the latest version of the Tesla app.

Speed Cameras on Route

See speed cameras, stop signs and traffic lights on your touchscreen navigation.

Map with icon
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Safety Updates
Automatic 911 Calls

Your vehicle will call 911 if an accident triggers the airbags.

Note: Your phone must be paired and connected with your vehicle over Bluetooth and be in or near the vehicle to call 911.

Blind Spot Indicators

The blind spot camera will alert you with red shading when your turn signal is on and a vehicle is detected in your blind spot.

More Live Sentry Cameras

When viewing vehicle surroundings from the Tesla app, you'll have access to the left and right pillar cameras for up to seven angles*.

*Number of possible camera angles depends on vehicle hardware configuration.
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