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What happens when you spray WD-40 on Car Brakes? Will it kill the brakes?

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:45 pm
by funnyinterestingcool
If you are looking for a way to ruin your brake pads, spraying and kind of lubricant will do this, including WD-40. Oil and grease breaks down the composites than joins the different compounds together inside the pad. Oil and grease PREVENTS friction. You need to take the tires off and spray brake cleaner on the disk, and rotate the disk and wipe the WD 40 off of there. Brakes work by friction, and WD-40 lubricates the parts to prevent friction. You wont need new parts, but you need to clean it off of there.

Depending how much WD-40 was sprayed on your car breaks, you will likely notice the brakes as responsive anymore (if you sprayed both front and rear breaks) to the point of it taking longer to fully break at longer stretches of the road. WD-40 will reduce the braking power of your brake pads. The easiest and quickest way to remove the WD-40 is to spray rubbing alcohol. Eventually, the WD-40 will wear away on it's own too.

If you sprayed WD-40 on your car brakes, let us know what happened...