Facebook Page Administrator Dispute Form Template (How To Reclaim Facebook Page Admin Rights)

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Facebook Page Administrator Dispute Form Template (How To Reclaim Facebook Page Admin Rights)

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:28 am

An example form Facebook you will have to provide and get notarized.

Below is the information that is required in your notarized document. All of the information must be included and not altered in any way or form for our team to review and action your request. If any information is missing or wording is altered the document will be sent back for editing. Please review the requirements below and the example of what your notarized document should look like to avoid any delays in processing your request.

1. What is your relationship to the Page? For Example, are you the creator?

2. What authority do you have to request a change in the Page's management? This statement must
come from someone in a management role.

3. What are the names of those who currently manage the Page, if known? If you aren’t aware of who manages the Page, please make that clear.

4. What is the relationship of the above-mentioned person(s) to the Page? For example, was there a termination of employment or of the business relationship with them?

5. What is your request? This will be where you want to outline what you’re requesting, such as a user to be added as admin or a Page to be released from a Business Manager.

6. What is the URL to the Facebook profile that you wish to have added as admin?

7. Is there any additional documentation that would support your request?

8. A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a current driver's license or a passport, of
the individual signing the statement.

9. A government official signed business license.

Note: This document must be notarized and requires a declaration under penalty of perjury that the information you have provided is true and accurate (your statement must include this exact language). The notary stamp and signature need to be on the same document as the request statement and declaration under penalty of perjury. The notary stamp and ID must be clear and visible.

Example of declaration: “I, _, declare under penalty of perjury that the information I have provided is true and accurate.”

Signatures: The person who's requesting this change must sign above the notary's signature.

*Please keep in mind that True Copy and Commissioner documents are not considered to be notarized statements.

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