Share your experience at Myron & Phil's! (3900 W. Devon Lincolnwood, IL 60712)

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Share your experience at Myron & Phil's! (3900 W. Devon Lincolnwood, IL 60712)

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Fri May 22, 2020 4:50 pm

Myron And Phils Lincolnwood Restaurant
Myron And Phils Lincolnwood Restaurant (8.38 KiB) Viewed 30856 times
Old Website:

I LOVED this place! My family and I used to go here a LOT when I as younger. I loved the chicken livers served before the main course and I would always fill up on it - in addition to the olives, crackers, and breadsticks on the side! The Lake Perch main course was incredible as was the Shrimp De Jonghe. Whenever you dined in, you felt like you were in a scene from Goodfella's! For those that don't know, Myron & Phil's was actually a piano bar too. The ambiance was like no other restaurant in Illinois or even the US! The owners walked around and always greeted every table. Every time we would walk in you go past the phone area and they would always be going off the hook! I was so sad when they closed. I guess some believe the fire that destroyed the place was an inside job in 2013, the same time the original owner passed away. Myron & Phil's never re-opened after that. In 2015, the last owner Mark Freedman opened Wildwood Tavern in Niles. Comment below if you ever dinned at or were a regular at Myron & Phil's!

I scratched the surface for everything about Myron & Phil's I could find! I think it was interesting that so many though Myron and Phil's was in Chicago but it was actually in Lincolnwood! It had the Chicago restaurant vibe feel to it, that's for sure!

Myron & Phil's WTTW 11 Check Please Segment (2007): ... ils-closed

Myron & Phil's The Hungry Hound Review (ABC 7 Chicago):

Myron & Phil's Time Out Chicago:

Myron & Phil's in the News:
Myron & Phil's fire destroys restaurant 2013
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Old forum with comments from old patrons including a post from Mark the night of the fire, very interesting
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Myron & Phil's fire destroys restaurant 2013
Myron & Phil's fire destroys restaurant 2013
Myron & Phil's fire destroys restaurant 2013

Actual Video Footage of the fire at Myron & Phil's in 2013:

Myron & Phil's Several Book Mentions: ... AHoECCIQAQ ... AXoECCMQAQ

Here is the post shared by Mark himself that frightful day of the fire that destroyed Myron & Phil's:
To My Friends and Customers on LTH
. For me, my family, my staff and my customers the past weeks have been surreal. My fathers passing due to his ailing health was expected. I mourned for him in life and wish that he would be out of his pain and suffering everyday. I celebrated his life, not mourned his death. To me my dad was every bit larger than life, a rock star, a celebrity. He was so respected in the restaurant industry, other restaurateurs would come to Myron and Phil’s to see how the operation worked. When Myron or Phil walked into a restaurant, many people recognized them and the owner would come over to say how special it was to have them dining in their establishments. My dad will be missed everyday and it is my desire to make him proud of me and continue what he and my uncle started 43 years ago. Thanks’ Daddy!

As for the restaurant, I did not expect the fire to happen. Many of my employees are currently out of work and due to tough times are having difficulties finding employment. I am determined to get the restaurant back in order so that I can rehire my staff. These employees stood by me through thick and thin because they knew what we were doing, we had the best food and service. The restaurant was returning to the “pre-recession” status. The mother’s day reservations were record setting. We had several private parties scheduled for the week of the fire. We were looking forward to opening for lunch. Our new menu, which included smoke BBQ, burgers, bar food and new craft beer list were getting rave reviews.

At 2:45am, Wednesday May 8th, I got a phone call from the Lincolnwood Police telling me a fire had started at the restaurant. I arrived to see the storeroom on fire and smoke billowing out of roof vents. At 3:15 my brother called me to tell me that my father had passed. I told him what had happened. He later told me “you have told me some bad jokes overtime but this one was the worst”, “no joke” I said. The fire department investigators concluded that a light fixture in the store room started the fire. My desire is to rise from the ashes with a new restaurant. It will take longer that I expected but I am confident that it will happen and we will be better than ever. It will be a tough couple of months.

Mark Freedman
C/O Myron and Phil Restaurant

More Random Videos of Myron & Phil's Restaurant in Lincolnwood:

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