Why eBay is turning ugly to sell and buy - fast.

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Why eBay is turning ugly to sell and buy - fast.

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Fri Dec 03, 2021 2:06 pm

eBay is changing ways that impact sellers/buyers and it's brutally annoying to what it was a few years ago. Here's some wonderful highlights:

1. Higher Final Sale Fees. It's now 12.55% (15% for others) in addition to $0.30 per order. The 12.55% rate applied for sales between $0.00 - $7,500.00.

2. Seller final payment holds. You no longer receive instant payment from eBay and won't get funds until after delivery of your item. And yes, there's a chance you won't get anything from eBay if there's a problem with delivery such as lost or damaged. You take it up with the carrier not eBay and will spend months recouping.
Funds will be available after we can confirm delivery
Although the buyer has paid, the funds will be on hold until 1 day after we can confirm delivery. Keep in mind it may take longer to get paid if the buyer reports a problem or we detect an issue with the transaction.

3. Local tax on items purchased charged to buyer.

4. No more customer support. Even before when they had it which was bad, you can't chat or call them anymore. They only have a fraudulent line which won't help you with any concerns outside of Fraud.

5. Much more complex listing structure. If you don't add certain details about an item eBay wants that are otherwise hard or annoying to find, it affects your items search appearance and chances of being sold for the price you want.

6. No more free final value fee promos. They used to send promo's for this but many report eBay isn't doing it anymore.

7. eBay Collecting thier fees via your direct Bank Account deposit. This is somewhat better vs PayPal (Since PayPal is now introducing 1099's in certain states if you sell over $5000 or more and avoiding PayPal's fee's), but eBay automatically pulls their fee's from your payment. Before, you could choose when to pay the eBay fees (usually after the delivery and success or your items to buyers and sellers and after a positive review) and or have a chance to contest it with eBay. Not anymore.
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