About Google Fiber (GFiber) Chicago Installations

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About Google Fiber (GFiber) Chicago Installations

Post by funnyinterestingcool » Tue Mar 21, 2023 5:03 pm

Google Fiber uses point-to-point microwave radio technology to bring service to the building. From the roof top radio, we cable vertically and place our switches in locations that contain the existing Cat6a cables that run horizontally to each unit. These cables are typically located in the telecom rooms. The equipment we deploy is all carrier grade equipment, configured for 99.995% uptime. Installation will be very simple.

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We know that no internet service provider is perfect and therefore, we have multiple ways for your residents to reach us.

Text with us: 24 hours a day - (1-833-946-2439)
Call us: 24 hours a day - (1-800-932-7277)
Relationship Manager for building wide support for Property Manager and HOA Board

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Complimentary Devices
As a courtesy to the community, Google Fiber will provide Google Wi-Fi routers to the ownership for them to distribute one to each unit.
While our service is compatible with most Wi-Fi routers, we recommend to those purchasing one that they choose a Dual-Band AC or higher router with gigabit or more capabilities.

Complimentary Connections
As a courtesy to the community, Google Fiber will offer complimentary Ethernet connections:

▪ Pre-wired amenity locations
▪ Management Office Dedicated Relationship Manager
▪ Upon completion of System installation, you will have a dedicated Relationship Manager for the Property Management to assist with any questions or concerns regarding our internet services.
▪ The Relationship Manager will be able to assist with your community social events to drive resident engagement, retention and satisfaction (up to 4 events per year).
▪ Keep your team updated with the latest information & marketing collateral and host property management and leasing team appreciation events

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